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Professional Church Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

We help churches & ministries focus on mission rather than money

Wish you could think less about money
and more about your mission?

Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions can help!

we are Mission-centric

Our sole focus is to help you manage your church or ministry’s resources with excellence so you can focus on what is more important…your mission to love God and your community in the most effective way possible.

We are Experienced

The owner of Good Shepherd Bookkeeping has over 18 years of pastoral ministry experience, most of it in the financial realm. He also has a commercial banking background working exclusively with churches and ministries for over 5 years in the areas of ministry lending and cash management.

we are Knowledgeable

Bob Dye is a certified Quickbooks Online Elite Proadvisor and is also a member of the Digital Bookkeepers Association. In addition, we have an experienced team of Quickbooks Online Certified bookkeepers ready to help you. We currently serve multiple churches & ministries throughout the United States through a proven virtual format.

Meet the Owner of Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions

Here is a brief introductory video from Bob Dye, the owner of Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC.
What is the number one concern you have for your ministry finances?

Some of Our Ministry Partners‚Äč

Common pain points we often hear:

“Our books are a mess!”
“We don’t understand our financial reports!”
“How can our financials help us make better decisions?”
“Our accounting systems & processes are outdated!”
“Are we tracking donor & board restricted funds properly?”
“How do we properly pay our clergy and staff?”

We can help you get back to focusing on mission rather than money!

Here's how we do it...

Church Bookkeeping

  • We enter and categorize all your transactions properly on your chart of accounts
  • We reconcile all of your bank and credit card accounts
  • We give your leadership team timely and accurate financials and explain them to you
  • We help you properly manage your donor restricted and board designated funds
  • We use Quickbooks Online cloud-based accounting software so your work is always accessible and saved

Church Financial Management

  • We properly process your weekly onsite or online giving
  • We can manage your donor information and annual giving statements
  • We can pay your bills and can capture receipts for all your transactions
  • We can help you create and manage your church budget
  • We offer monthly “find the money” meetings to help you strategize and grow your ministry

Church Payroll Services

  • We can set up and enter all of your payroll information, including managing employee documentation
  • We understand the unique needs of clergy payroll and can help you manage it
  • We can help you manage all of your staff payroll needs
  • We can take care of federal and state payroll tax payments & filing for you
  • We can process your annual W-2s & 1099-NECs

Our pricing is transparent and customized to your unique situation with plans starting as low as $395 per month.


Serving your ministry 24/7


Short videos about various ministry financial topics


Blog posts about what is current in the ministry world around the subject of finances.


Connections to find information about ministry finances and other topics.


What Others are saying

"Bob began doing bookkeeping for us about a year ago. In that time, he has demonstrated proficiency in using Quickbooks, an enthusiasm and willingness to learn practices specific to our context, and a financial mind that reflects both a talent for dealing with numbers and his considerable experience working in this field."
Rev. John Roberts, Rector
St. Matthias Anglican Church - Oakdale, CA
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