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Need Church Bookkeeping?

We help churches and ministries focus on mission rather than money!

You have a higher calling and managing finances is simply a means to accomplish that calling

Our calling is to help churches or ministries with professional bookkeeping and payroll so you can fulfill your mission

What is your ministry's greatest need?

  • Do you have a change in your financial staff?
  • Are your books messy or have fallen behind?
  • Do you need a complete overhaul of your bookkeeping and financial systems?

Our staff has years of ministry experience

  • Pastoral experience – We understand churches!
  • Banking experience exclusive to churches and ministries
  • Bookkeeping and business management experience
  • We serve churches and ministries exclusively

We want to pass along some of that knowledge and experience to help your church or ministry THRIVE!
Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions Can Help!

Meet the Owner of Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions

Here is a brief introductory video from Bob Dye, the owner of Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC.
What is the number one concern you have for your ministry finances?

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We feel the best way we can help is by getting to know
your ministry and your unique needs!

Step 1

Schedule a brief introductory chat with Bob Dye, owner of Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions about your mission and pain points around finances.

Step 2

We work with you to get some financial information to review, schedule a free one hour consultation, and share our findings and recommendations with you.

Step 3

You decide if Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions is a good fit to partner with your church or ministry to help you focus more on mission rather than money.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Bob Dye, Owner
Good Shepherd Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

Based in Northern California


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